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Behind the Scenes Look on LYLIF’s Spring Photo Shoot

The LYLIF team decided to put the focus on a bright and lively spring color concept when we planned our latest photo shoot. We loved the idea of how accessories and jewelry add the perfect splash of color to any girl’s look! We took this inspiration in mind and set off to literally make our own artistic splashes as a background for our photo shoot.

Here’s a look at our step-by-step process on how our little project unfolded:

From left to right:

First Row-

1) A gathering of our supplies- paints, water balloons, and a small squeeze bottle.

2) Mixing our paint concoctions one by one, diluting each with water, and making sure each color is to our liking!

Second Row-

3) Keeping things organized with our shades of reds, yellows, and greens. These bright candy colors are just the thing for our springtime photo shoot look!

4) Carefully filling up our water balloons with our paint mixtures.

Third Row-

5) Water balloons all filled and ready to go!

6) We tied each filled water balloon to a string, and cut each balloon open to release the paint above our white backdrop. This method gave our backdrop a fun and spontaneous paint splatter look. We layered on the colors one by one to get just the right balance of red, yellow, and green tones.


Alexis, our model, on the set of our recent photo shoot with Richard, our photographer, and the finished backdrop.

The finished product photos with Alexis in LYLIF jewelry, accessories and clothing!


The LYLIF team had so much fun creating our own photo shoot background with this playful painting project. We hope our readers get inspired to make their own creative splashes in their fashion, style, and life this season!

On the Pastel Trend

Spring and pastels always seem to go hand in hand when it comes to women’s fashion and style. So this year, it was no surprise when we saw an abundance trending colors such as mint green, carnation pink, and pastel yellow.

While celebrities played with the pastel trends in beauty and hair, this look is not one for the average working girl! Even so, we loved spotting these fun hues on a fashionable few such as Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry, and Kate Bosworth. Pastels in hair coloring give a feminine yet edgy appeal for the risk-taking fashionista!

When playing with pastel hues in clothing, mix and match color blocking seems to be the go-to style. Take a cue from these four California style bloggers and pair your pastels with bright complementing tones, leather pants, or even a bold statement necklace! These girls show how to easily add any pastel shade into your daily wardrobe, with a bit of chic styling and accessorizing! :)

From left to right: Britt of “Britt+Whit“, Kathleen of “Inspirafashion“, Analisa of “Rouge Fox“, Chesley of “Smile For Style


If you are not bold enough to take on a full head to toe pastel trend, just adding a pop of pastel color with your jewelry and accessories is always an easy approach to work your way into this latest trend! Check out our most recent selection of pastel jewelry in our new arrivals here, and put a little color in your spring/summer wardrobe this year!

Photos courtesy of:,,,

One Necklace, Four Bloggers, Eight Looks

A classic statement necklace can always find its way to fit any outfit no matter what your personal style is. Our favorite chic statement piece accessory of the moment is the trending collar necklace.

While we have a wide variety of collar necklaces, LYLIF’s Gold Collar Necklace has been a top pick with our staff and our lovely blogger friends! This simple matte gold statement necklace dresses from chic formal wear to casual cool ensembles.

Take a look at how four of our favorite fashion bloggers each took this necklace and styled it in two different distinct outfits:

Julia of “Gal Meets Glam

Analisa of “Rouge Fox

Alison of “Chain Strap Purse

Natalie of “Like Fresh Laundry

We love how each style blogger took our Gold Collar Necklace and matched it with her own personal style!

This fashionable styling face-off even has us debating over which look we would love to wear. Which outfit do you like best, or suits your style?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Year after year, we always fall into the same predicament of trying to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Although we would love to buy our mother that new designer purse she’s been eyeing, sometimes our budget just doesn’t agree!

So, instead of the usual flowers and store bought edibles, we decided to list out some fun DIY gifts that we came across while surfing through one of our favorite sites, Pinterest. These Mother’s Day gifts put a fun and personal spin on your usual gift choices.


1. Home/Hand-made Floral Arrangements

These handmade floral arrangements puts a fun and personal touch to your typical bouquet of flowers. Whether you add a pop of citrus, or bundle up a dozen of your favorite cupcakes, this thoughtful present is sure to surprise any mom!


2. Personal Photo Re-creations/ Photo Magnets

Photographs are the perfect gift  if you are looking for a more sentimental and unique present . Bring back your own past memories with your mother by recreating old photos with your own daughter. Make this a classic gift by framing the photos, or modernize it by getting the photos printed on cute and quirky magnets.


3. Personal Note Flags on a Breakfast in Bed Spread

Breakfast in bed is always a thoughtful way to show you appreciate your mother! This year, make this tray of delicious goodies interactive with cute little flag notes with thankful messages or fun quotes.


If all else fails, or if you’re just not the DIY type of girl, you can never go wrong with a gift of sparkling baubles and accessories! :)   Hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Photos courtesy of,,,,,, via Pinterest

Kentucky Derby Hat Trends

Fashion accessories are never the first thought that comes to mind when mentioning a sports event, with the exception of the annual Kentucky Derby held last Saturday.

So, although this year’s derby race broke a record number in attendees and had an unexpected winner, our eyes were fixed on the wide display of hats and fascinators worn for the occasion.

Here are a few of our favorite trends in hats that topped our lists this year:


Floral Hats- This year’s hat memo seemed to include the idea of “bigger is always better” when it comes to these oversized flower toppers.  From a single daisy piece to an entire floral bouquet, these hats brought springtime fun to the derby crowd.


Wide Brim- The classic and timeless wide brim hat always makes an appearance on every Southern Belle. This simple and chic style echoes the memorable and fashionable Ascot scene of My Fair Lady.


Royal Blue- This bright royal blue color is the standout color of this year’s race. Possibly taking a cue from the British royals, elegant fascinators and feathered hats were all given a royal blue touch.

Which hat trend fits your derby style?


Photos courtesy of:,

Prom Accessories

With prom season upon us, the hunt for the perfect accessories is on! Whether your prom is a black-tie affair or a modest themed event, no look is complete without just the right accessories. When looking for accessories you want to find pieces that don’t take away from your dress, but have enough sparkle and shine to make you stand out! Here are a few options that will help elevate your look, and make your prom a night to remember!

Prom Accessories

Necklaces: Strands of Cashmere Necklace, Gunmetal Braided Choker, Floral Gems Necklace in Pink, Sea Jewels Necklace in Black, Golden Filigree Necklace Bracelets: Pearl Chain Bracelet, Some Like it Sparkly Bracelet, Maurier Jeweled Bracelet, Magnetic Metallics Bracelet in Silver, White Stone Taylor Bracelet Earrings: Pretty Little Bow Silver Earrings, Marbled Marilyn Earrings, Gumdrop Stud Earrings in Silver, Emerald Gems Stud Earrings, Crackle Cream Earrings Rings: Sophisticated Sparkle Ring in Silver, Put a Bow on it Ring in Silver, Metallic Stranded Cuff Ring in Gold, Girl’s Best Friend Silver Ring, Medal Worthy Trio Rings

LYLIF’s New Look

LYLIF has a fresh look with lots of new features making your shopping experience the best it can be! Our Designers and Developers have worked hard to create this stylish layout that is more open and inviting, giving you the sense that you’re virtually in our LYLIF store.

Our home page features photos from our most recent photo shoot with our lovely model, Alexis, and our amazing photographer, Richard Park. Our top navigation makes it easier to shop and browse our large variety of items in a simple and easy way. Scroll down, and you’ll find the newest featured products, showcasing what’s trending now!

You will love the filtered shopping feature that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for, narrowing your search by color.

Also added is a “Recently Viewed” section where you can see your 5 most recently viewed products. As shopping-lovers ourselves, we know what it’s like forgetting what you last saw, so this new feature was much needed!
We are also excited about the addition of the “Shop by Style” section! Find out which LYLIF girl you are and shop the latest looks and trends.
You may have noticed that our blog has a new look so now it’s even easier to read our thoughts and inspirations! More exciting and new features to come, so stay tuned as we continue to improve your shopping experience with us. Until then, happy shopping!


LYLIF’s Current Crush

Jessica of HapaTime image1

While this spring season has been bringing us our latest obsessions in accessories, we also have been fixated on one special blogger.

We delightfully bring to you our latest edition of “LYLIF’s Current Crush” featuring the lovely Jessica of the fashion and style blog, Hapa Time. Jessica’s effortlessly chic style caught our attention along with her cool California girl look.  We love her take on style and seeing her bring all the new fashion trends to her fans and readers.

We had a small Q&A session with Jessica to get to know her and Hapa Time personally and to pick at her thoughts regarding style and blogging.  Learn more about the girl behind Hapa Time down below!

Jessica of HapaTime image2

Jessica of HapaTime image3
How would you describe your style?
My style is classy… understated sexy, trendy and quite the opposite of extreme.

Here at LYLIF we are huge fans of your blog- what first inspired you to start?
I started fashion blogging because on a normal day I don’t have that many places to dress up for. I also love beautiful photos, and this was my chance to both create beautiful photos and have a reason to dress well. It’s worked out well too, because it helps me get out and about more too!

How did you come up with the name of your blog, Hapatime?
Well, I am hapa. And I really wasn’t sure if I was going to create a fashion blog from the start. I thought it would be about photography, healthy recipes, fitness, my artwork and more. So since I felt those things represent me and who I am – it just made sense that when people came to my blog, it was my time, aka Hapa Time.

Where do you go to get inspired?
I am inspired by everything and everyone. Mostly I check out store look books, and other blogs though.

As your readers know, you have a background in art and design- How has this impacted your blog?
I use my eye for art and design to make my blog and photos as aesthetically pleasing as possible. It helps me make the right decisions when directing our (albeit amateur) photo shoots, choosing the right photos, arranging them in the best order, layout— everything. Without my skills in art and design, I can assure you, my blog would be nowhere where it is today!

What do you love most about blogging?
I love the excitement it brings to everyday! It motivates me to get creative, and every post is like an art project that I have to ace – I miss that from college. It is what gets me going every morning. New comments, emails, followers, inspiration, appreciation, love, friends – blogging has really opened up a whole new world to me. One in which I feel like I belong and it is truly wonderful!

What is your favorite accessory to wear?
My favorite accessory would be a perfect pair of sunglasses.

Are there any specific fashion icons or designers that have influenced you and your style?
I generally don’t go run out and buy something or try to emulate a look exactly just because my favorite fashion icon is wearing/created it. (And I don’t really have a favorite designer, I like too many!) But I do think fashion icons such as Miranda Kerr, Shea from Cheyenne meets Chanel, Kasia from Jestem Kasia, Carlinn from Superficial Girls and Annabelle from Vivaluxury constantly influence me.

If you could go back to any era what would it be and why?
I love the 60’s! The cuts are so flattering, feminine and elegant. I would always feel beautiful, poised and confident if I were dressed like they were :)

What is a must-have trend you have been following recently?
High low skirts. They are truly fabulous. I was never a huge fan of maxi skirts, as they get too easily tangled up or caught between the legs. And mini skirts are fun but not exactly original. I feel like high-low skirts, or mullet skirts, are the perfect balance of the two, and not only that but right on trend, romantic, whimsical and sweet.

We want to thank Jessica for her time, and make sure to check out her blog, Hapatime! We’re looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next for her future trendsetting looks!

Six Elegant Ways to Wear a Scarf

With wedding and prom season upon us, every girl is searching for the perfect outfit for the special occasions they will be attending. Every outfit could use it’s own accessory, and the trend we are loving right now is using lightweight scarves to complement formal wear.

When you want to wear a more classic style it’s harder to find something to cover your shoulders when it gets a bit chilly. The accessory that will cover your needs for this is a lightweight scarf! Whether you drape the scarf around you as a shawl or put your own twists to it, this scarf easily transforms to fit your own personal style. Here are some ways you can use a scarf for a more fashionable and classic look!

Drape the scarf around you as a shawl and throw this effortless look on with ease from day to night.

Keeping the scarf draped over your shoulders but gathering the ends and tie them in the back creates a bolero like look that keeps you looking chic.

Wearing the scarf as a caplet converts this little black dress from anything but ordinary while keeping you dressed to impress!

Throw the scarf around your shoulder for a polished finish to your sleek style.

You can loop it around like an infinity scarf to stay warm and keep you hands free all day.

For a more covered up look, wrap the scarf around you and tie a knot in front.

Be sure to check out this metallic threaded scarf and all of our new scarves and stay glamorously dressed this spring!

Plugged In and Charmed

In this day and age, every modern miss never leaves her home without her essential electronic gadgets and devices.  Smartphones, iPads, Kindles, and many more are becoming the new trending accessories to carry, especially for the fashion savvy girl!

While these pretty little devices look just as sleek on its own, we here at LYLIF just can’t help but accessorize our smartphones with a few of our own charming accessories. What girl can resist adorning her cell phone with some jeweled baubles of its own?

plug charms

From left to right: 

1st row- Strawberry, Apple, Lego Skull 2nd row- Hamburger, Diamond, Polka Dot Bow 3rd row- Gun, Ice Cream, Gingerbread Man

These cute little accessories attach to any mobile or electronic device through a headphone jack attachment, making it oh-so-easy to attach and switch your charms to match your mood or outfit of the day! So whether you choose a chic diamond charm or a “good enough to eat” hamburger charm, this little smart phone plug accessory is sure to keep you happy and fashionably on trend!
plug charms

Make sure to check out these new arrivals out here on our site and let these cute accessories charm their way into your heart!

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